Employer Drug and Alcohol Testing

Promote a safe work environment with employee drug and alcohol testing

As the owner of a business, you face enough liability as is—without having to worry about whether or not your employees are impaired by alcohol or drugs while at work. This is especially true if you operate a business that involves heavy machinery, transportation, construction, or other such potential hazards. TSCTesting’s various drug testing kits can help employers:

  • Comply with State and Federal rules and regulations.
  • Screen new-hires for drug history.
  • Create a safe workplace for employees, customers, and other third parties.
  • Protect the general public.
  • Reduce potential for liability.
  • Avoid hiring potential workers who use illegal drugs.
  • Gain discounts on their workers’ compensation plans.

Whether you need a urinalysis, hair test, or breath test, TSCTesting has a variety of tests capable of accurately and rapidly determining whether an employee was, in fact, impaired by alcohol or drugs, and then showing which substance was involved. Both pre-screening and random testing can help reduce and prevent drug use in and around the workplace, thus increasing the safety of all parties involved.