Background Checks

Pre-employment and background screening

Like an interview, background screening is another step a business can take to ensure that they’re hiring someone who will benefit the business and help foster a safe work environment. Failure to properly screen employees can open up your business to a whole host of liabilities, especially if it results in a workplace injury, accident, or fatality.

With TSC Testing background screening, you can gain a comprehensive snapshot of each potential hire, which helps your business in the following ways:

  • Reduce risk of accident and injury
  • Decrease risk of theft, fraud, and embezzlement
  • Decrease workers’ comp rates
  • Prevent workplace drug use
  • Lower employee turnover or absenteeism

It’s essential that you know who you’re hiring. Background screening may reveal past criminal behavior and save your company thousands of dollars by helping you prevent a bad hire. Additionally, it’s important that you protect your employees and clients from potentially dangerous offenders. Background screening sends a message to your employees, vendors, and clients that you are serious about safety.

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Background Screening Could Safeguard Your Business  




Of all resumes and applications contain false information Of all business failures are due to employee theft Of all violent crimes occur in the workplace



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